Last Minute notices of the 19th EWRS Symposium


The Symposium Desk opens on Sunday 19 June 2022, at 18.30. From Monday 21st June 2022 will be open from 8.00, for the whole day.


Welcome Wine Reception, it will take place on Sunday 19th June 2022, at 19.00, in the 1st floor peristyle of the venue. All Symposium participants are welcome.


The Working Group meetings will take place on Monday 21st June 2022 from 17.30 – 18.30. Specific announcements at the venue site. Following WG’s announced their meetings up to now. Symposium participants interested in the topic are welcome.

  • Herbicide Resistance
  • Invasive alien plants
  • Physical and cultural weed control
  • Weed management in Mediterranean cropping systems
  • Soil seed bank, germination and early growth
  • Sustainable use of herbicides


Student and early career scientists meeting with EWRS Board & Sci Com members Welcome Reception will take place on Monday 20th June 2022, at 19.00, in the 1st floor peristyle of the venue. All students and early career scientists are welcome.



POSTER SESSION: download the programme HERE

«Gala dinner»: 21 June 2022 – 21:00 

at Lazaro71 restaurant

«The field-trip»: 22 June 2022 – 14:00 

at Papagiannakos winnery

Invitation on behalf of the EWRS

«Sometimes all we can do is wait. Now, both the local organizers in Athens and the Officers of EWRS truly believe that we will have an opportunity to meet colleagues face to face next summer, one year later than originally planned. On behalf of the EWRS it is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the 19th European Weed Research Society Symposium that will be held in Athens, Greece, 20-23 June, 2022.

I wish all the best for the Local Organizing Committee, chaired by Dr. Demosthenis Chachalis. It is a demanding effort to host the EWRS Symposium, to follow traditions and to offer unforgettable site-specific experiences. In practice, the Symposium arrangements will be a teamwork by the LoCom and EWRS, so please follow the information flow at the Symposium web site as well as at the EWRS main web site ( to stay up to date.

The EWRS is responsible for the scientific content of event with oral and poster Sessions. The final Program is dependent on your contributions. So, I kindly encourage you to start writing your Abstracts. Have a look at the pre-defined Session themes and select the most suitable one for your presentations. For the first time, the EWRS Event Manager will be used to upload Abstract texts. If you have any specific questions related to the scientific program, feel free to contact the Scientific Secretary of EWRS, Prof. Hüsrev Mennan ( Any questions about the abstract submission process can be send to the Communication Office (

The EWRS Symposia have always included and offered both scientific and social aspects of getting together with participants from more than 40 countries. It is highly stimulating when experienced experts meet scientists who are in their early steps of career, a true learning opportunity on both sides.Indeed, one of the main objectives of Symposium is that we all bring back new ideas and concepts in developing sustainable weed management solutions for our own home regions and branches of activity. Hope to spend warm moments together with you in Athens next summer»!

Jukka Salonen,

EWRS President




It gives us immense pleasure to announce the 19th EWRS Symposium, 20-23th June 2022, in Athens, Greece. The theme of the Symposium is more timely than ever. There is an urgent need to shape the future of Weed Science aimed at addressing the major challenges for sustainable weed management: the need to reduce reliance on chemical control; the decrease in available active ingredients; the lack of cost-effective and safe alternatives to herbicides; the environmental protection and human safety goals and a sharp rise of the world population.
Lighting the trends in Weed Science in areas such as weed biology/ecology, management of herbicide resistance, precision weed/herbicide technologies, biological control, innovative cropping systems, and biotechnology discoveries is a commitment of the EWRS. The 19th EWRS Symposium will enhance this commitment thanks to the participation of renowned scientists from around the globe.

The Symposium organizers invite weed scientists from academia, research, public/private sector, and industry to actively participate and make the best of this unique opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we will make every effort to provide an excellent environment for a stimulating and enjoyable scientific congress. The program will provide valuable information and networking opportunities for attendees with an interest in any basic or applied aspect related to weed science.

We hope to see you all, in Athens.

Dr. Demosthenis Chachalis,

Chair of the Local Committee

Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Weed Science Laboratory      



Send your poster

You can send your scientific poster at the following e-mail address until 7th of June 2022:



19th EWRS Symposium: subsidy to early career scientists

The EWRS has decided to allocate a total sum of 15,000 Euro to facilitate participation of young research fellows in the 19th EWRS Symposium taking place at Athens, Greece in June 20 to 23, 2022. Applicants must comply with the following conditions:
  • to present an oral or poster paper at the Symposium,
  • to not exceed 35 years of age at the starting date of the Symposium,
  • to have not previously received a subsidy more than 3 times to participate in the EWRS events.
If you meet these three conditions and are interested in the possibility of getting a partial subsidy (maximum 700 Euro) from the EWRS, please send your application no later than 15 April 2022 (absolute deadline) by e-mail to the EWRS Scientific Secretary (
Your application must include:
  1. A brief Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Short motivation letter;
  3. A budget (estimation of the costs for travel, registration, and accommodation including the costs covered by your home institution);
  4. The abstract of your paper (version submitted to the session organisers after notification of acceptance: see first Symposium circular for details on author’s duties and relevant deadlines).
Successful applicants will be warned about the allocation of subsidy by the EWRS Scientific Secretary in due time. The EWRS does not provide the subsidy in advance. Registration fee for successful applicants will be transferred directly to the Symposium account by the EWRS Treasurer and other expenses will be reimbursed to subsidiaries by bank transfer after their active participation in the Symposium. Details on reimbursements and Declaration forms will be provided later on by the EWRS Treasurer.
Prof. Dr. Hüsrev Mennan
EWRS Scientific Secretary


19th EWRS Scientific Committee


Josef Soukup  EWRS President     Food and Natural Resources Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Maurizio Vurro Chairman/EWRS Vice-President   Italian National Research Council
Husrev Mennan    EWRS Scientific Secretary   OndokuzMayıs University
Stephane Cordeau (France) Session organizer Weed Crop Interaction French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment
Aritz Royo Esnal (Spain) Session organizer Weed Biology and Physiology    Universitat de Lleida
Kateřina Hamouzová (Czech)  Session organizer Herbicide Resistance   Czech University of Agriculture in Prague
Maor Maztarfi (Israel) Session organizer Weed Genomics Agricultural Research Organization ARO
Matthias Schumaher (Germany) Session organizer Weed Ecology University of Hohenheim
Jonathan Storkey (UK) Session organizer Weed Ecology Rothamsted Research
Ilias Travlos (Greece) Session organizer Integrated Weed Management  Agricultural University of Athens
Lena Ulber (Germany)  Session organizer Agricultural, Economic and Societal Aspects of Weed Management Institute for Plant Protection in Field Crops and Grassland
Francesco Vidotto (Italy)   Session organizer Herbicides and Application Technology UniversitàdegliStudi di Torino
Judith Wirth (Switzerland)  Session organizer Non-chemical Weed Control Tools Agroscope à Changins




19th EWRS Local Committee


Demosthenis Chachalis Chair LOCOM Benaki Phytopathological Institute Treasurer of Greek Weed Science Society (GWSS)
Anastasia Tsekoura Communication LOCOM Benaki Phytopathological Institute Member of GWSS
GarifaliaOikonomou Agricultural University of Athens President of GWSS
Ilias Travlos Agricultural University of Athens Board member of GWSS
Thomas Gitsopoulos Hellenic Agricultural Organization (EL.G.O. Dimitra) Vice President of GWSS
Gerassimos Peteinatos Hellenic Agricultural Organization (EL.G.O. Dimitra) Member of GWSS
Stavros Zannopoulos Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEOT.E.E.) Secretary of GWSS
AnestisKarkanis University of Thessaly Board member of GWSS
Nicholas Korres University of Ioannina Board member of GWSS


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